Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old News

Santa just came up here with a sack of letters (which jangled a bit and looked heavy). He sat down on the banister, leaned toward me, and asked me "What is your personal policy on Old News?"
Hmmm. I told him, "Well, Old News is probably always going to be old news; but...personally...if I'm indicated in a piece of Old News, and I actually was there, I'd have no reason to deny I was there, but if I wasn't there I would never lie and claim I had been. Other people's old news I generally leave alone as I feel their Old News is probably theirs to tell. It's old news!"
I thought that was one of the weirder questions I'd ever encountered, and also thought it was weird that I had an answer.
Santa looked like he might have an additional question to ask, but he didn't ask one. Instead he told me he'd be bringing over projects from Old News, periodically.
I opened the sack and found dozens of these cards -- on the inside they all had kid writing saying (various spellings) "Please make me famous like him." And they each contained two US gold dollar coins. Strangely a large number of them (probably around half) had the coins taped on to two ribbons which were attached to the very inside middle seam of the card.
I was holding up a handful of the cards with the coins attached, listening to the sounds of them jangling together when Santa looked at me and said, "I think this one, it's in the coins."


Okay so I think this is either some kind of chain letter, or some individual person's really strange attempt at a practical joke. That's the obvious.
The joke seems really lame to me, but I'd better not judge before I fully understand it, because I don't want miss the point. Sometimes I just think, " I even want to understand the point?", but in this case I have to; it's my job.
I guess I need to find out where these were postmarked. But Santa's just disappeared....
(I suppose I could try Old News)(but I am definitely going to need a break first)

By the way, I love this lofted library, the windows, the insane way this place is configured, the outdoor stairs and balconies, and the ROOF!! The roof is amazing. It's so beautiful.
But it's funny, though. From know there are rooms you haven't been in when you look up and you can't see the ceiling, but from outside you have a very clear view of the roof. This place has a lot going on.

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