Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Lay of the Land

St. Nick's in Europe today, so I have a little more time than usual to get online and tell you about the situation this job is GREAT!!!
Okay, so first of all let me just mention that I UNDERSTAND NOW why this is such a coveted position. Santa is a forward thinker, and you'd never see that better than by being in his library. His collection is astounding, and I'm only lucky I get to peruse the relatively few titles applicable to my work here! However, as my job involves surfing the frontiers of psychology and popular culture across the world (as well as the abysses and everything in between)...I do have access to almost everything.

A few notes you might find interesting:
--This department sees a disproportionate number of letters addressed to people who are not Santa. A couple of years ago Santa's staff installed a robot to answer the Miley Cyrus letters (since there were so many), but the robot had to be moved out in to the hallway (eventually to the basement, and then to a bunker down the road) because it had started to take on sentient characteristics as a result of the entire department feeling so bad for it.
--Santa has funny musical tastes
--This department definitely has the comfiest chairs and the best reading lamps
--Apparently, reading your employee file after the interview process to get hired in this dept has the capacity to change your life (I guess knowing how Santa sees you gives you unbelievable perspective)
--The break room appears magically whenever you need a break or a snack, and the supplies refill themselves

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